Why do schools rent / lease equipment?

Have you ever wondered why no-one owns a mobile phone? That’s because the industry has conditioned us into the way in which we acquire the use of mobile technology. People may believe they do but the reality is they commit to a monthly payment over a period of time, at the end of which they want to upgrade their phone to the latest model available or at least one with additional features.

The truth is they pay for what the equipment does and not what it is.

The funding program works exactly the same way for schools and it applies to ANY equipment. It enables schools to pay for the equipment over a period of time as they receive the benefit from it, instead of before they receive the benefit from it. And as they’re paying for what the equipment does and not what it is, there is no real benefit in owning capital equipment.

How can we help?

How can a rental plan help a teaching establishment realise its true potential?

Rental plans are now becoming the most readily accepted method of schools equipping their learning environments with the latest up to date equipment. Some of the benefits of using our rental plan are listed below.

The Benefits


Invariably a school’s needs are far more than their capital budget will allow. An funding rental plan enables the schools to get the equipment they need now, rather than compromise their teaching environment by waiting for the capital to become available.


    Funding rental payments are fixed for the period of the Agreement. This enables accurate forward budgeting and the luxury of paying for today’s equipment with tomorrow’s devalued money.


    A funding rental plan is totally flexible and can be tailor-made to reflect the school’s exact requirements. As the payments don’t even have to be uniform, underspend or lump sums can be included and the balance spread over the remaining term.


    In cases where schools have simply run out of budget, our “Buy Now Pay Later” deferred plan means the school can have the equipment they need immediately and the payments won’t begin until their new budget becomes available.


    The teaching environment is constantly evolving as new technology, equipment and teaching techniques become available. The funding rental plan enables your school to keep in touch with technology as it develops.

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